The Knotty Elephant

Written and Illustrated by George Connolly, Sr.

Tony could not seem to remember anything, no matter how simple a thing might be. And this made life very embarrassing for his mother and father because everyone knows elephants are never supposed to forget. Also, elephants don’t have fingers to tie strings around to help them remember, so Tony’s father finally lost patience and tied Tony’s trunk in a knot.

How the little elephant improved his memory and got his trunk untangled is what the story’s all about. The only jungle friend who really helped Tony solve his problem was not the strongest—but the wisest.

George Connolly, Sr.

About the Author-Illustrator

GEORGE CONNOLLY, SR., a comic strip and sports cartoonist, couples his drawing talent with another—the knack of telling stories that delight children.

Mr Connolly studied at the New England School of Art and the Scott Carbee School of Art in Boston. He is an army veteran and is an award winning editorial cartoonist for a Boston newspaper in addition to serving as chief cartoonist for a national firm.